There are a number of different ways of handling change in any business. However, there are certain things that always need to happen in order for it to be carried out professionally and without errors.

One of these is that there has to be a recognized change process in place. This is defined by the type of project methodology that the company uses. There are a number of different methodologies that can be used to ensure successful projects every time.

Among these approaches , Agile project management method have a lot in common but there are also a number of crucial differences. Does it right for your company?

The Basics – Agile

The Agile approach aims to provide a more flexible and adaptable way of running projects. It is all about getting started and working out the best approach while progressing.

Customer satisfaction is an important issue with this methodology. The project team and customers will get together regularly to assess the work done and to discuss any changes that are needed. Agile Training use has become far more widespread in recent years.

When Is Agile Best?

An Agile project will give greater flexibility in terms of adapting to any changes. If the user’s requirements change during the project then it is far easier to adapt to this, and there won’t have been time wasted working on a now-discarded plan.

This means that Agile is a sound choice when the project isn’t clearly defined. If no-one is yet really sure what is needed then this methodology gives you a way of getting started while working out the way forward. It also tends to work well when the users are keen on getting heavily involved and collaborating with the project team.


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing Agile or not. Indeed, it depending upon what is needed in each case.

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