The Project Management Institute (PMI) Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) is a project management certification which identifies your knowledge related to agile principles and techniques. Market situations change and evolve frequently, and companies need both employees and processes that are able to adapt rapidly. Projects need to be completed both quickly and successfully, which is why the PMI-ACP is valuable.

PMI-ACP includes agile methods, tools, and techniques which are useful in agile project management. Obtaining PMI-ACP certification demonstrates mastery of agile processes for project managers. It is a globally recognized certification that shows the experience and qualification of an individual for the delivery of projects.

Reasons to be PMI-ACP certified

  1. Agile certified professional can earn 30-40 percent more than non-certified persons. PMI-ACP is one of the leading certifications for agile project management.
  2. PMI-ACP certification covers various agile approaches and principles that other agile certificates don’t offer.
  3. As the demand for agile certified professionals has increased in the market, PMI-ACP certified professionals have more career opportunities than other certified professionals.
  4. PMI-ACP includes approaches to agile like Scrum, Kanban, lean, test driven development.
  5. PMI-ACP increases versatility that will improve team productivity and satisfy customers.

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